How To Protect Yourself From A Viral Invasion If You Cannot Social Distance | Natural Immune Boost

If you are one of our amazing front line professionals in the healthcare field, grocery, gas, customer facing service, first responder, pharmacy, delivery, USPS, trucking and hospitality – this video will help equip and empower you to protect yourself and your immune system from a potential of a viral transmission. The key is to help you boost your immunity and limit potential transmission of this virus.

On behalf of the entire 1/4 Million NHR community – we applaud you for your service and thank you for you dedication to helping others. You are helping us all stay health and well in your own individual ways. Total gratitude!!

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4 Areas to Protect Yourself & Boost Your Immunity
1. Physical Safety Protection
– Mask, goggles/eye protection, gloves
Saline Nasal Spray
Salt Lamp in office/work space
Force of Nature Hand Sanitizer:

Guru Nanda Blend:
Aromatherapy Jewelry
Aromatherapy Earrings:
Bach Rescue Remedy Spray .
Bach Rescue Pastilles

2. Optimized Immunity
Host Defense:
MycoShield Spray:
Respiratory Support:

Oral Probioitic
Super Lysine

3. Quality Sleep
Kava Tea:
Buddha Tea’s Kava Kava:
yogi Stress Relief:
REM Sleep Gel Supplement:

4. Stress Management
Liposomal B Vitamins
Adaptogens – Stress Tea
Chaga Powders:

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