Middle-Aged? These 9 Things Make You Look Old! – Men's Style & Grooming Advice

We round up 9 common things that make middle-aged men look older and how to avoid making these personal and style mistakes: http://gentl.mn/middle-aged-men-style-mistakes

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→ Camera: Chris Dummer
→ Editing: Jonathan Oster

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Aging is something that inevitably happens to all of us, but for men, middle-age is exciting but also feared!

00:00 Introduction

When you really think about it, men should look forward to middle-age. We’ve learned lessons from our youth, we’re more secure at work, we’re more confident in our social situations, and we’re set up to enjoy life.

A gentleman knows that every stage in life has its significance and beauty, very few want to appear older than they actually are.

Aging is a common topic around the Gentleman’s Gazette, probably because we all age, and when it comes to clothing, there is the aspect of age appropriateness. Basically, all that refers to is styles and types of clothing that look particularly well on a person of a certain age.

Of course, the so-called rules aren’t intended to limit your spirits or creativity in any way. They’re merely a guideline to help you look your best.

Mistakes Middle-Aged Make That Make Them Look Old
01:46 Mistake #1: Behaving like times haven’t changed
04:06 Mistake #2: Gravitate towards very trendy haircuts
Of course, ideally, you talk to your barber and see what he recommends for you and your hair. In broader strokes, here are some concepts you might want to consider.
→ 07:02 1. Receding hairline? Focus on volume
→ 07:22 2. A “chopped” look will make your hair look denser
→ 07:31 3. It’s probably time to go with something like a buzz cut or a crew cut.
08:16 Mistake #3: Not Accepting your gray hair
09:33 Mistake #4: Ignoring your body hair
10:36 Mistake #5: Neglecting your skincare routine
General Skincare Tips:
→ 13:36 1. Drink a lot of water!
→ 12:44 2. Get enough sleep!
→ 13:15 Wear sunscreen, avoid prolonged sun exposure, and use a moisturizer daily.
13:31 Mistake #6: Wearing clothing as a uniform
15:43 Mistake #7: Wearing flashy things
17:09 Mistake #8: Wearing clunky comfort shoes
19:07 Mistake #9: Not embracing one’s age

20:06 Outfit Rundown

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