Stick To The Plan | 2021 Bodybuilding Food, Mindset & Workout Motivation

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2020 was a year full of the unexpected, to say the least. As the year is coming to an end, we want to make sure we all are going into 2021 with the right mindset to crush our goals. Hear from 16 well-known bodybuilders on how they Stick To The Plan, especially when distractions around them make it difficult at times. 2021 is YOUR year. Tune out the distractions, and let’s better ourselves, together.

Athletes featured:

Patrick Moore: 0:16
Akim Williams: 0:50
Sadik Hadzovic: 0:59, 4:52
Iain Valliere: 1:29
Gerardo Gabriel: 1:39
Derek Lunsford: 1:57
Victor Martinez: 2:18
Regan Grimes: 2:45
Sergio Oliva: 2:52
Keone Pearson: 3:21
Chris Bumstead: 3:31
Antoine Vaillant: 3:52
Brandon Hendrickson: 4:16
Steve Laureus: 4:28
Lee Haney: 4:41
George Peterson: 5:30

Double Or Nothing – Bryant Lowry
Diatribe – Oliver Michael

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