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Basically, determining the right haircut for you is by me seeing what I don’t want. What I call this, you have a very flat top here, which is fine as your head shape. But it looks like someone hit you over the head with a frying pan, so that’s not the haircut we want for you. What we want to do is create a little bit more height and movement up here, and we want to get you a little bit more rounded. So, we don’t want to encourage square, flat, tight. This is the before, and you’ll soon see the after.

Determining the right haircut for each individual – for him it had a lot to do with, as you saw in the before picture – he was really flat and heavy here. So, by removing a lot of this weight, I got him to round out a little bit more, getting it off of his forehead. It was very heavy down here, pushing his face forward. I wanted to create a little bit of Steve McQueen lift around the front, and a little bit of fun texture because he’s young, so it’s like a perfect celebration. But we actually removed a lot of hair from him. And all the heaviness was laying here and it was really flat, so there was nothing that he could do style wise or any product unless he really gunked it up, which is unnecessary.

We just removed a lot and it was very much geared towards his head shape. We wanted to create it more rounded in on the sides, and create a little bit more height up on top. It totally opened and broadened his face. This’ll grow in really great, too. It’ll have some long, and lots of different textures in it.

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