5 Simple Ways to Look Younger…or Older | Men's Style and Grooming Tricks

When you start to care about your style and grooming, something cool happens: you realize that you can actually control your appearance and manipulate how people perceive you – without even talking to them.

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Want to look taller? The right style choices can do that for you. Want to look more mature? A couple of thoughtful grooming tweaks will help. In this video, I want to reveal five simple things you can do to look younger than you are.

Obviously, this is for my older viewers, or anyone who might look a bit older for their age. But if you’re a younger guy, don’t stop watching. Here’s the thing: you can do the opposite of these techniques to look older. So pay attention!

02:24 Tip #1 Get rid of grey hair
03:08 Tip #2 Keep a clean shave
04:29 Tip #3 War blue, not grey
05:15 Tip #4 Wear more fitted clothing
06:37 Tip #5 Don’t wear glasses

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