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How many suits should I own? It’s a question I get ALL the time. And it’s a great question. Like many menswear-related questions, there is no definitive answer or exact science to determining how many suits you really need. However, a good suit is one of those menswear and men’s style essentials that you should have no matter who you are. In an attempt to answer the “how many suits should I own” question, I’ve created four categories of men–all the way from the guy who never wears a suit to the guy who loves suits and likes to dress dapper. See below.

0:00 – How Many Suits Do You Need?
0:59 – The Guy Who Never Wears A Suit
1:58 – The Occasional Suit Wearer
3:15 – Blinkist Ad
4:51 – The Guy Who Wears A Suit To Work
6:51 – The Men’s Style Fanatic
7:59 – Wrap Up

For each of these types of guys, I’ve determined the number of suits he should own as well as suggested styling details for things like suit jacket lapels, suit pocket style, number of buttons, vents and so on. It doesn’t matter whether they’re off the rack suits, made to measure suits, custom suits, or bespoke suits–buy the best suits you can to match your lifestyle and your budget.

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