Alpha M. Goes To The Grooming Lounge For The Greatest Shave Ever!

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In this video men’s grooming expert, Aaron Marino, takes you along as he visits The Grooming Lounge in Washington D.C. to experience the greatest shave ever!

Alpha flies to Washington DC to Grooming Lounge for the ultimate grooming experience and to see where it all started– grooming ground zero. He’s going to experience some amazing services that Grooming Lounge offers.
Alpha checks-in at Grooming Lounge and interviews Mike Gilman, “the guy who got it started.” Alpha asks what the inspiration was for starting the company in 1999. Mike’s family had always been in the professional beauty industry (specifically distributorship) as well as his wife promoted him to get a manicure but didn’t enjoy the female-dominated environment. Mike saw an opportunity to get guys information about products and service, which started with a website. Then he rolled it out into stores, products, and services.

Grooming Lounge offers head to toe services for guys- anything and everything to make a guy look and feel better. Mike describes the hair cut process; however, the shave is the signature service and is an experience. Alpha experiences that Grooming Lounge signature shave service with the following steps:

Cleaning your face – Mug Cleaner Face Wash
Quality shave cream, applied solo or with a shave oil – Beard Destroyer Shave Cream
and Beard Master Shave Oil
Happy ending- Best for Last Soothing Post-Shave Balm

Alpha talks with Mike further about Grooming Lounge products. If you don’t live in Washington DC and want to experience the shave that Alpha experienced, try the Grooming Lounge “The Greatest Shave Ever” Try Me Kit

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