Habit Stacking: Small Life Changes That Produce BIG Results

Adam Feit has been teaching people how to win from an early age. As an adult, that mentality carried over into his career as he became a coach and worked with athletes at all levels, including the NFL’s Carolina Panthers and college football teams like the University of Louisville.

Even though he was living what many, including Adam, considered the dream, something clicked that it was time for change. That’s when he decided to open a sports performance center for kids.

This week, the coach, athlete and entrepreneur joins our host Michael Cazayoux on the Brute Strength Podcast to teach you the power of starting small and how small habits can lead to big results.


01:15 – Childhood
12:00 – Joe Kenn and The Tier System
16:13 – Working in the NFL
21:05 – Finding Precision Nutrition
24:50 – The autonomy of supportive coaching
40:00 – Starting small

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