Causes of Green Bowel Movements – What Causes Green Stools & Colored Bowel Related Complications?

The color of your bowel movement depends primarily on the color of the food items eaten. It also depends on the state of the bile which is produced by your liver. Bile is green in color and changes to brown only through the proper digestive process. Now this process takes some time. If the food is moving really fast through your intestines, bile does not get the time to be changed chemically. So, it remains green until it is removed from the body.

If you experience a green bowel movement, it is not that major issue. There are basically two main causes of green bowel movement

· It might be due to something that you have consumed like huge amounts of leafy vegetables like lettuce or broccoli or eating large amounts of artificial coloring that is found in processed foods. It may be due to the iron supplements too.

· The other reason is that there is now a difference in the gut transit time.

Here are some other causes of green bowel movements and other colored bowel related complications:

· You may have green bowel movement caused due to diarrhea.

· Another factor may be mucus. It is present in intestines and may lead to the change in color of the stool. Excessive amount of mucus tends to change the color of your normal bowel movement.

· You have brought some changes in your diet recently this might happen. If you have had large amount of sugary foods or have experienced constipation, you may pass green colored stool for some time before returning to the normal one.

Besides the above mentioned causes of green bowel movement, if you have this sort of stool encountered with some other symptoms, you must consult your doctor. Though green colored stool is not considered abnormal, but any serious or chronic changes may call for some concern. A change in the bowel habits at times can lead to several digestive & abdominal disorders and diseases. So, you may not be too worried due to few changes but consistent changes must also not be ignored.

Causes of Green Bowel Movements – What Causes Green Stools & Colored Bowel Related Complications? by Amy Myers

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