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Though the trap bar variation has slightly less posterior chain recruitment than the Olympic bar – back extensors & hamstrings – we find it a much better option on the risk/reward continuum.
The trap bar deadlift is a great way to build strength in a safe way.

Compared with other more complexed lifts, this move requires minimal technical coaching. You’ll also have less shear forces going through the lumbar spine than the conventional bar, which will reduce risk factors and injuries associated with improper lifting mechanics.

1️⃣ Feet shoulder-width apart
2️⃣ Grip the bar centrally on the handles
3️⃣ Sightly bend your knees
4️⃣ Hinge over from your hips
5️⃣ Your spine should remain in a neutral position throughout, keep your chin tucked in
6️⃣ Tighten your grip, pinch your arm pits & tighten through your lats. Brace through the trunk
7️⃣ Accelerate into the floor and lift the load up to the top
8️⃣ Drive your hips forwards to finish the concentric part of the rep, without extending through the lower back
9️⃣ When descending, break from your hips
🔟 Come back down to the floor, pause, re-set and repeat

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