Bamboo Extract – 120 Caps (Chi’s Enterprise): My Review

Chi Bamboo Extract is made up of the most valuable and nutritious part of the bamboo plant, and it has both antibacterial and antiviral properties. It is called “Nature’s Internal Cosmetic”, setting it apart from its competitors, because of its anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties. Chi Bamboo uses one of the only four types of finest bamboo species that pandas will eat: Tabashir bamboo female plants.

The ancient Chinese knew about bamboo health benefits. In fact, this hollow plant is composed of 4% pure plant protein. That may not sound like,much, but the protein that comes from bamboo is highly concentrated. Bamboo also is rich in amino acids, vitamins and nutrients such as Vitamin C,calcium, and Silica.

The extract that is found in Chi’s product is beneficial in combating menstrual and female reproductive problems, respiratory disorders, parasites, and stomach and intestinal disorders. This bamboo plant extract has an extremely high silica content. Silica is found naturally in Tabashir bamboo female plants. Deemed the fountain of youth, silica from bamboo is known for its anti-aging and hair and nail benefits. It is also essential for proper connective tissue repair and maintenance (osteoporosis, arthritis). Chi Extract has the richest known silica content with over 70% natural and organic silica. The bamboo plant offers the world purest and abundant source of silica in the world, and its health benefits are far reaching.

Chi Extract Health Benefits:

Anti-aging/ Hair and Nails:

Daily exposure to the elements cause connective tissue to deteriorate. Overtime, exposure to elements cause skin to sag and wrinkle. Silica (silicone) found in Chi’s extract helps stop this from happening. New research shows that Silica (con) found in bamboo extract helps rejuvenate hair and nails faster than other products. Bamboo extract has been shown to treat eczema and psoriasis. Deemed “Nature’s Internal Cosmetic”,hair and skin product manufactures now add this extract to their product. Men- here is your chance to regrow your balding hair!

Osteoporosis, Arthritis:

Silica found in Chi’s product enhances mineral absorption. Silicon enhances the function of iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium and boron, and is essential for normal bone development which may help prevent osteoporosis. Silicon helps maintain the correct calcium-magnesium balance that is essential for the strengthening the exoskeleton system. Therefore, symptoms associated with osteoporosis and arthritis are alleviated with Chi.

Cardiovascular System:

Silica present in bamboo extract has been proven to strengthen the cardiovascular system. It’s properties are essential to the elasticity and structural integrity of arteries. Silica, as found in bamboo extract, is used to treat heart disease and reduce cholesterol.

Weight Loss: 100% natural bamboo extract is clinically proven to help shed unwanted pounds. It’s properties help stimulate weight loss by boosting metabolism. An overall health wonder product, Chi product creates a healthy body while promoting weight loss.

Menstrual and Menopause Problems :

Heavy bleeding and menopause symptoms can be relieved with Chi Bamboo Extract. The silica content present in bamboo extract can help regulate menstrual periods. It works to balance fluctuating hormones present in menopausal women and menstruating women.

Stomach Disorders:

The silica present in bamboo extract is known to act like a natural buffer within the stomach lining. It’s properties aid in digestion, heartburn and even diarrhea. It tones the stomach muscles, thus creating less stomach spasms and better overall digestion.

Treatment of Respiratory Disorders:

Known for its antispasmodic qualities, bamboo extract is very effective for treating asthma, and bronchitis. Because Chi is the only bamboo product made from 100% bamboo (70% pure silica is found only in 100% pure bamboo extract), it’s concentrated antispasmodic properties are a powerful benefits of this product.

Treatment of Intestinal Worms/Parasites:

Bamboo extract kills intestinal worms and parasites with it germicidal properties. An estimated 85% of the world’s population has intentional worms. A few days of Chi’s product will kill parasites living in the human body.

Chi Bamboo Extract: An Overall Wonder Product:

Chi Bamboo Extract is proven to work very quickly in acute respiratory conditions in children and adults. People with respiratory infections (viral and bacterial) have shown to experience dramatic improvement while using this product. In addition, children and adults who suffer with chronic sinus infections are urged to try bamboo extract. Its ant-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties are said to end chronic sinus andear infections. This is especially useful for parents of children who suffer from chronic ear and sinus infections.

Overall, this product offers multiple health benefits and should not be overlooked. No side effects have been noted. Expect amazing results when taking Chi capsules, 2-3 times a day.

Bamboo Extract – 120 Caps (Chi’s Enterprise): My Review by Heidi McIntyre

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