Male Grooming ASMR For The Ladies

This video goes out to all the ladies who need a real man in their ASMR life. Doctor Andrew Michaels finally does his most sexy request for a viewer who needs a little passion in her life. Will he survive the unbridled sensuality of his own manliness released upon the world? How will the wolf survive?
People who experience ASMR commonly report having different triggers that stimulate them. A commonly reported stimulus for ASMR is the sound of whispering. As evident on YouTube, a variety of videos and audio recordings involve the creator whispering or communicating with a soft-spoken intonation into a sound recording device and generally a camera.
Some people find that ambient noise such as scratching, crinkling, tapping, blowing and moving paper stimulate ASMR. Many videos are found on YouTube that focus on these triggers, and many use binaural recording to simulate a 3D environment. 3D sounds from a person may elicit a tangible feeling of the person being near the listener, while certain kinds of ambient noise may simply sound pleasurable.
Many role-playing videos and audio recordings also aim to stimulate ASMR. Examples include descriptive sessions, in a style similar to guided imagery, for experiences such as haircuts, massages, visits to a doctor’s office, and ear-cleaning. While these make-believe situations are acted out by the creator, viewers and listeners report an ASMR effect that relieves insomnia, anxiety, or panic attacks.
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