15 Men's Style Hacks & Gentleman Life Hacks

This video is all about men’s style hacks. We explain what you can do to maintain your wardrobe, how to iron a shirt with a weak iron and all sorts of other things. Click here for a more detailed guide:

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00:20 Wash your dress shirts in a delicates bag. The delicates bag acts a barrier between your shirt and the washing machine and therefore, the edges wear less.

00:55 Store your underwear or t-shirts vertically, not horizontally. A. you get more to your drawer and B. you see exactly what you have.

01:28 Use your hangers to see what you actually wear and don’t wear. Whenever you wear something, you simply turn it around.

02:11 Dry your fine, delicate sweater in a salad spinner. It’ll stay in shape, and you will be able to enjoy your sweaters for years to come.

02:43 Iron the inside of your shirt placket from the back first and then from the front. That way, unattractive wrinkles would be gone.

03:11 If you want a new way or some inspiration to wear a garment that you already have, simply go to Instagram and search for hashtags.

03:54 Fix stuck zippers with either a candle or bar soap.

05:07 Use rubbing alcohol or a hairspray to remove pen stains. Use hair spray as a pre-treatment, let it sit for about five minutes and then put it in your regular wash cycle.

05:32 When you’re traveling, add a dryer sheet or a piece of bar soap to your dirty laundry so it will always remain fresh.

05:57 Use a paper towel holder core to prevent wrinkles in your pants. Attach it to your hanger to avoid creases on your trousers.

06:46 Add a tie dimple to your ties to create a three-dimensional texture. So you always look dapper.

07:13 Avoid drying your dress shirts and other cotton garments at all costs. It will get damaged very easily.

08:01 Use a dryer sheet to remove deodorant marks on your shirt. Simply rub it off using the dryer sheet.

08:34 Ironing your shirts wet if you don’t have a steam iron. Dampen your shirts so the water turns to steam once iron hits the shirt.

09:12 Use moth balls the right way. Throwing mothballs just in your closet simply is not enough.

Plus one more BONUS STYLE HACK!
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