Prostate Health Pt. 2- Gleason Score, Metastasis, Supplements

Dr.Nielsen concludes his class in prostate health. The prostate is divided into quadrants. If there is a growth in the quadrant, a biopsy with be taken and the cells will receive a Gleason score. It helps determine the health of the cells. Gleason score is found by adding the scores together (1-5) and getting a number the higher the number the worse the outcome. Scores up to 6 are most treatable, 7 is the cutoff line.
(3:03) Repeat of first 3 minutes.
(6:10) TNM score T-tumor N-nodes M-metastasis. Usually metastasizes in the bone, lung, and brain. Lung are commonly secondary tumors as are brain. You can differentiate different types of cancer by X-ray appearance. Bone scan can detect where the cancer has gone in the body.
(10:25) Steps to take care of prostate. 1 Get checked. 2. PSA (including percent free) 3. Supplement- Zinc, Saw Palmetto, Tribulus, Maca, Testosterone (Good), DHT is bad testosterone. Chysin can stop testosterone from becoming estrogen (andropause).

Source: Prostate Health Pt. 2- Gleason Score, Metastasis, Supplements

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