HOW TO CURE BAD BREATH BY Dr James Wright D.D.S & Dr Lisa Evens M.D

Hi, I’m Dr James Wright, Dr Evens and I have published this book because we understand the soul destroying effects of life with bad breath. How every personal interaction becomes a major issue.

I would like to point out to you that up to 80% of sufferers have a high amount mucus often caused by Post Nasal Drip. As mucus is protein rich food for bad breath bacteria, you must do our Post Nasal Drip program as described in this book. I will also point out that once you have cured your bad breath you will still need to rebuild your self-confidence and self-esteem. This will help you avoid Halitophobia (fear of having bad breath) after you are cured. Do take the time to read the entire book. Make sure you check the unusual causes of bad breath section in this book as our studies show up to 25% of sufferers have bad breath due to unusual causes. Finally let me ask you to post a review of this book on amazon when you’re finished. People read the reviews to see if our book can help them too. It also helps us improve the book by acting on the feedback. To your good health, Dr James Wright.

The Complete Guide to Curing Bad Breath By Dr James Wright D.D.S & Dr Lisa Evens M.D
2013 Edition

In this edition we cover the following topics. If you feel we have missed something please mention it in your review so we can add it to the midyear edition.

The Basic Principles of Oral Hygiene
Why Me? Why Do I Have Bad Breath While Others Don’t?
On The Track to Getting Rid Of Bad Breath
Bad Breath / Halitosis Explained
Bad Breath and Halitosis Symptoms
Bad Breath Causes
Bad Breath Diagnosis
Morning Breath Explained
Bad Breath & Halitosis FAQ
Bad Breath – Are There Any Home Remedies?
How to Cure Common Bad Breath
How to Cure Post Nasal Drip
How to Clean Your Tongue & Restore Saliva Flow to Your Mouth
How to Properly Clean Your Teeth
Use These 12 Self-Tests To Check Your Breath Anytime
THE Power of Salt
Using Salt Water to Replace Toothpaste & Mouth Wash
Tonsil Stones Treatment, Removal & Prevention
Antibiotics & Bad Breath
Acid Reflux, GERD & Heart Bure Cure
Unusual Causes of Bad Breath
The Last Word

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Source: HOW TO CURE BAD BREATH BY Dr James Wright D.D.S & Dr Lisa Evens M.D

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