How to Test Fertility – Expert Guidance from Infertility TV

There are several fertility tests every couple should have prior to starting fertility treatments.

Men should have a semen analysis. This will insure that a man has the proper number of sperm, good sperm movement and that the sperm have a normal appearance under the microscope. All three measurements are important for determining male fertility.

Women should be sure that they document ovulation with a blood test or home ovulation kit. All women should have ovarian reserve testing to make sure they have enough viable eggs in their ovaries. This is done with blood tests and ultrasound on the 2nd or third day of their period.

Finally, women should have a Hysterosalpingogram or HSG. This is an x-ray test to make sure the uterus has a normal shape and that the fallopian tubes are not blocked. This is best done by an experienced infertility specialist (reproductive endocrinologist).

Completing the right infertility testing will get you off to the best start.

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Source: How to Test Fertility – Expert Guidance from Infertility TV

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