The Root Cause: Male Infertility and How To Get Past It

male infertility

The Root Cause is a down-to-earth, quick-read on male infertility and how to attack and solve the problem. It’s very direct, lightly humored, and actionable. Whether you have a minor, correctable condition or a show-stopper, there are options. This book keeps things into perspective and keeps you focused on problem solving. Written from the perspective of the author, it starts with the discovery that, after he and his wife went through extensive fertility testing, he was diagnosed as infertile, and the Root Cause of their issues. It explains all those tests in detail, as well as what to expect if you and your partner go through similar testing. You will then go through a set of planning exercises that the author himself did, and review the various options that are available to resolve the issue of infertility. This includes a worksheet you can use to help plan your own personal options. Everything from IVF to various forms of adoption are covered in great detail and explored from the viewpoint of the author. The final section talks about how the author resolved their infertility issues and ended up with a family, plus guidance that will help you do this same! The Root Cause will • Help you start a family. It will help you get through the entire infertility process by treating it like a project, complete with goal setting, plans and execution. • Act as a reference for everything from medical treatments to international adoption procedures. • Educate you, explaining some of the medical and alternative procedures used for infertility. • Advise you on what to expect when your partner is going through fertility treatments and IVF. • Keep your sanity, help with communication, and most importantly, keep your manhood intact.Used Book in Good Condition

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Source: The Root Cause: Male Infertility and How To Get Past It

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