Your Lymphatics & Viral Infection | Lymphatic Motivation Tips for Lymphedema Patients & Autoimmunity

Learn how to move and motivate your lymphatic system today as we cover 7 Key Ways to Support and Move Your Lymphatics to guard against a respiratory viral infection. Lymphatic drainage, DIY Lymphatic techniques, Lymphatic Diet Tips and At Home Lymphatic System motivators are the topic of today’s LIVE Natural Healthy News.

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Tips for Keeping Your Lymphatic System Moving During a Viral Infection
Pump – Move – Compress – Drain

1. Lymphatic Motivating Diet
Ginger Tulsi Tea
-Sea Veggies
-Kelp Flakes
Herbal Turmeric & Ginger Tea (in my store):

2. Botanicals and Homeopathy for Lymphatic System Movitvation
Lymph Stim:
Moringa (improves spleen, thymus and lymph cells)
Moringa Capsule:
Moringa Extract:

3. Daily DIY Lymphatic Promoting Tips
-Dry Skin Brush
-Fascia Release
-Foam Roll:
-Alt Rebounding viaYoga Ball Chair
-Walking daily Moving body
-Kinesio Taping
-Compression Therapy

4. Respiratory Viral Infections & Lymphatic Health Impact
-Lung damage (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome) causes fluid leaks from small red blood vessels into lungs
-Infection – results from body’s response to infection. Creates dysfunction in other body systems
-Kidney Damage – controls fluid levels in the body. Results from lower O2 levels
-Cytokine Storm – intense inflammatory response creates excess of inflammatory cells that lead to sepsis

*viral prevention and reduction of symptoms requires reduction of inflammation levels.
use of Moringa is recommended

Key Lymphatic Risk Categories for Severe Viral Infection Influence
-breast cancer – surgeries and/or radiation
-lung cancer – surgeries and/or radiation
-surgical lymph removal in the trunk/axillary
-any upper quadrant lymphedema

5. Proper Hygiene for Compression Garments
-wear gloves on top of your gloves or gauntlets
Garden Gloves
Latex free dish wash gloves:
-wash gloves and gauntlets daily (laundry hot and soap, drier)
-order extra pairs to limit transmission opportunities

6.At Home Tools:
ElectroLymphatic Drainage Machine
Vibration Plate:

7. Stress And Your Lymphatics
Liposomal B Vitamins
CALM herbal teas:
Chaga Powders:
Stress Suppress Tea:
REM Sleep Gel Supplement:

HOME Care:
EPA Approved Cleaning Agent (Natural) Force of Nature:
USB Aromatherapy Diffusers
Office/Desk Aromatherapy Diffusers
UV Air Filters

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