Vitamin C Taste

REAL herbal vitamin C tastes sour and tart because of the ascorbic acids. Acids in general have a sour taste. I am constantly tweaking my formulas to amplifying the power, including my vitamin C formula but plants high in vitamin c are very sour, almost bitter tasting. I tripled the amount of Amla berry for example because it’s a high source of vitamin C and studies have also shown it to decimate cancer cells so its an amazing ingredient, BUT it tastes nasty. This formula is also a powerful antioxidant and detoxifier, so taking too much may make some people nauseous because of the detoxifying effect, so start by taking less. There is a fine line maintaining a balance between taste and effectiveness. I do not create my formulas for taste- they are formulated for effectiveness. If you want sweet, then add your own sweetener, like orange juice, mango, banana or zero calorie MarkusSweet If I was in it for money, they would be half sweetener, but I don’t do that. My goal is to give you the most effective powerful herbal products possible which means they might not taste that great. But the resulting effect they have on your life are worth it (if you eat right, exercise etc)

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