The MIRACULOUS Benefits of Moringa | A Doctor Review of Moringa for Your Health

The health benefits of moringa are AMAZING!! Dr Melissa details the multitude of healing benefits of using moringa powder, moringa oil and even moringa capsules in your daily health routine. Research showcases the benefits of incorporating moringa for lowering inflammation levels, lowering cholesterol levels, balancing blood sugar levels, healing skin, nourishing your entire body with over 80 different key nutrients, enzymes, minerals, antioxidants and so much more.

Moringa is a powerhouse in the world of superfoods. It’s the KING of super foods and is considered miraculous in its healing health benefits. Moringa is truly an abundant source of nutritional balancing and this is what makes taking moringa daily so powerful for ALL of us and espcially vegan, vegetarians and folks on limited diets like KETO.

The Top Healing Benefits of Taking Moringa
1. Lowers Cholesterol
2. Aids in Weight Loss
3. Protects & nourishes skin and hair
4. Cardio Protective
5. Neuroprotective
6. Treats edema
7. Anti-inflammatory
8. Anti-Viral
9. Anti-Microbial
10. Nourishes body with broad nutrient spectrum
11. Heals digestive issues
12. Protects & heals the liver
13. Cancer Preventative
14. Balances Blood Sugar
15. Treats stomach complaints like GERD, indigestion, belching, hiccups
16. Fighting against bacterial diseases
17. Increases iron levels
18. Makes bones healthier
19. Treats mood disorders

I love to use MORINGA internally and topically.

Research shows 1.5 TBSP daily is a healthy dose of moringa – can be divided into two doses (AM & PM)

You’ll want to work closely with your physician and pharmacist if you are trying to incorporate moringa into your health program in the attempt to manage and decrease your medicine dosing. It is super powerful.

Apart from growing moringa on your own in your own backyard (zones 8/9) or in a pot in a temperate home environment – my FAVE moringa is a single source ingredient powder/extract.

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