The benefits of dance therapy | Natural Health

The benefits of dance therapy | Natural Health

The practice of dance therapy can be practiced at any age and helps us improve our interpersonal relationships

while optimizing our cardiovascular health.

For many years, dancing has been the best way to entertain. And to release energy while playing sports. In

addition, dance therapy is one of the most fun therapies that exist.

On the other hand, we all know that dance is assimilated to the language of the body.

Indeed, during the practice of it, freedom is felt in the depths of our being, the soul is relieved of sadness and

regret . There is nothing better than enjoying this moment, alone, in a group or in the company of a loved one in

our heart. Today we are talking about dance therapy.

Dance therapy is therefore the use of dance for therapeutic purposes. From the creative expression of the body,

positive thinking is encouraged and blood circulation is promoted…..For more watch a video in detail..

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