The Line That Rich People Cross

Yes it’s true- rich and successful people do something that most don’t. They cross a line. A line that most won’t. Does this mean they must do bad things? No. But this line is real. It’ something that most people are terrified to cross. And usually only those that cross the line become successful. And it is something they must continue to do over and over. Failure is common and to be expected. Some people try once or twice and then give up. But the successful keep at it and that is why so few people “make it”. Remember- “rich” and successful does not mean money. That is another important lesson for most people who immediately associate the two. These are key lessons people need to learn in order to become successful at ANYTHING in life- not just money, but also health and relationships for example. And they must cross that line. A lot of times. What is it? Find out in this video!
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