Low Testosterone Is Common, But Not Normal w/ Sam Madeira, ND

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Dr. Sam Madeira discusses natural ways to support declining hormone levels in both men and women. It’s a great discussion!

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—————————————–Show Notes————————————–

04:08 Men as young as in their 20s come to Dr. Madeira for low testosterone interventions.
04:23 Andropause can happen at any age.
05:21 Tribulus is a sort of hormone adaptogen that it works by increasing luteinizing hormone the brain.
05:25 Total testosterone does not always translate adequate free testosterone, the stuff you actually use.
06:24 For every hour of lost sleep, men lose 5.85 nanograms per deciliter of total testosterone per hour. Testosterone is made when you sleep.
08:15 Untreated sleep apnea can become worse on hormone therapy.
10:20 Symptoms of low T: decreased strength, endurance and increased recovery time, as well as feeling more aches after exercise. Low libido and erectile dysfunction are red flags of testosterone deficiency, true clinical hypogonadism, cardiovascular disease or vascular disease.
14:30 When self-medicating or under the direction of a less than competent doctor, there are serious risks from HRT.
16:11 Low dose bioidentical testosterone therapy does not cause prostate cancer.
18:46 Testosterone usage is common in teens and early 20s.
19:40 The approved upon range of total serum testosterone decreased again, saying that it is normal to have low testosterone.
21:05 A total testosterone of 350 nanograms per deciliter are at increased risk of all-cause mortality, heart attack, and stroke.
24:02 Men with low testosterone are more likely to die younger, yet they think they are healthy.
24:15 Opiates, heavy metals, severe mold toxicity reduce testosterone and impede treatment.
27:18 Testosterone therapy decreases your endogenous testosterone production. The longer you are on it, the more it will be decreased.
28:30 Physical trauma to the brain or testes can cause low testosterone.
34:23 Adrenal glands make a little testosterone.
35:10 Overtraining lowers testosterone.
39:10 Berberine does the same things as Metformin without side effects.
42:54 HRT can prolong life and improve quality of life.
54:05 Men typically have more testosterone in the summer and less in the winter.
57:00 CJC and ipamorelin together are Dr. Madeira’s go to peptides for better sleep, better recovery, fat loss, and body composition.
01:07:58 Ipamorelin works well for women as well.
01:08:30 Some of men who think they have low testosterone, actually have growth hormone deficiency.
01:09:10 Ipamorelin does not increase cortisol, aldosterone, prolactin, or acetylcholine.
01:19:40 Thymosin alpha-1 (TA-1) is a thymus glandular extract that helps stimulate the immune system, tune it and modulate function.
01:20:50 There are 400-thousand new diagnoses of Lyme disease every year.

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