How I Stay Happy in Quarantine + Easy Miso Soup Demo (Oil Free Vegan Recipe)

I’m back with another Day In The Life slash What I Ate In A Day style vlog while I #stayhome here in Southern California. I also share some of the things that keep me feeling happy while in quarantine in a new format that mixes studio shot video with snippets of my vlog style video showing my daily activities. I really like the higher quality audio I’m able to get when shooting in studio, and I hope you’ll enjoy this experiment, too! I tried to include some of the things you guys have been asking me about, like my animal friends, plus I filmed a full on recipe demo in the kitchen of my latest fave lunch. Feel free to ask me questions that I might be able to include in future videos like this in the comments below.



2 cups water
1/4 dried sliced shiitake mushrooms
2 Tbsp miso paste
Sprinkle of Furikake (or use seaweed product of your choice!)*


1. Pour water into a medium sized pot, add mushrooms, and put on to boil over medium heat.
2. Once boiling, reduce heat to simmer and add miso paste. Stir well until all paste has melted.
3. Remove from heat, pour into serving bowls, and top with Furikake.

* If using Wakame Seaweed, you will need to add it into the water before serving and/or rehydrate beforehand


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