How Does the Carnivore Diet Work? (Carnivore Challenge Workshop #4)

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We’re going to talk about:

What progress you’ve made on the carnivore diet in the past 15 days!!!
How and why the carnivore diet works including…
Nutrient Density
Nutrient absorption
Leaky Gut
Lean Body Mass
Blood Glucose
Ketones and ketosis. Whew!
And Q&A of course at the end.

If we have time, we’ll also cover:

Detoxification with TRS – if a clean diet isn’t quite having the results you need

Healing crisis relative to above (and why I’m all sniffly today):

That I tried eating costco beef and I do see a big difference between conventional and grassfed. I always recommend ButcherBox for EASY and DELICIOUS grassfed and pastured beef, pork, and chicken!

The peel that is such a good deal right now from BeautyCounter – – bribes totally have a place in your life, and we’re choosing HEALTHY non-food bribes, right? Unless you’re bribing yourself with a delicious brisket… that’s okay too.

Self care – I’ve come to realize that most of you are only taking care of yourselves so that you can take care of others. I think it’s because I attract people who struggle with the same things I do… So even if I don’t get to it in the webinar, I want to remind you that you are worth just as much as the people around you. Treat yourself as an equal, please.

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