7 natural ways to reduce breast tenderness | Natural Health

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7 natural ways to reduce breast tenderness | Natural Health

Although it may seem counterproductive, exercise helps us eliminate toxins and promotes the purification of waste, so it will help us to alleviate breast pain.

In the course of the menstrual cycle, the sensitivity in the breasts increases by a series of changes due to hormonal activity . Although this symptom does not represent a serious health problem, it can sometimes be so intense that it disrupts daily activities.

In addition, about 7 or 10 days before menstruation, it is common that their sensitivity increases and causes some discomfort.

In medical terms it is known as fibrocystic disease and is characterized by alterations in the tissues of the breasts when hormonal ovarian cycles are fulfilled . The condition disappears after reaching menopause, although not all women perceive it as equal, and even some do not even feel it.

However, it is important to bear in mind that, if it becomes frequent and outside of the aforementioned days, the specialist should be consulted to analyze other possible causes.

Although there is no solution that allows this discomfort to disappear completely, there are some remedies and habits that contribute to reducing it. Then we share the 7 best so do not hesitate to use them whenever you feel it. Take note!

1. Avoid the consumption of alcohol and caffeine;

If sensitivity in the breasts is part of your life, avoid the maximum consumption of alcoholic beverages or caffeine content. Both contain stimulating substances that dilate blood vessels, increasing pressure and sensitivity .

In addition, they sometimes lead to the accumulation of fluid in the breast tissue, which worsens the pain.

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