COVID NEWS: Super Food Berry for COVID Inflammatory Symptoms & Immune Support?

The health benefits of Acai Berry are quite amazing. Recently the University of Toronto began a study on the powerful benefits of acai berry for covid patients. The research into the anti-inflammatory properties of acai and it’s ability to target an inflammatory pathway (NLRP3) is at the heart of their acai berry superfood research. Just how much does acai berry inhibit inflammation and how much does it aid in triggering and activating the body’s response to fighting an infection like COVID still remains to be seen. Today’s video is an assessment of the powerful health benefits of acai berry and it’s superfood potency.

Benefits of Acai Berries: 19:40 – end

9 Health Benefits of Acai Berry:
1. Antioxidant Rich
2. Anthocyanin = balances and lowers cholesterol levels
3. Improves blood circulation and relaxes vessels which benefits high blood pressure
4. Fiber dense – 8% of the daily need of fiber in a single serving
5. Anti-inflammatory
6. Detoxification aid: lowers additives in body via kidney and liver detox
7. Polyphenolic – supports immune function and is high in VIT C
8. Supports and boost brain function and improves memory
9. Rich in vitamins & minerals

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