Breath Work as a Stress Reduction Tool w/ Josh Trent

Science says eating just one meal per day can improve your health.

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Managing stress and cortisol can have a big impact on your sleep and life.

Josh Trent will share one of the most powerful tools to help you manage stress and improve your quality of life.

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01:09 Breath is the only autonomic lever that we control that can change our state and mitigate stress.
01:24 When we control our hypoxia or super oxygenation it shifts the nervous system.
02:06 You were built to breathe using your diaphragm.
02:36 When you expand your diaphragm, it pushes on the vagal nerve and cues the vagal tone into the parasympathetic.
04:30 Soma breath by Niraj Naik has been shown to impact healing, wellbeing and weight loss.
05:13 Breath retention enables you to train your nervous system to be calm under pressure. It is a stress mitigator applicable in any situation.
06:51 Holding the perineum and core musculature appears to have its own energetic lock.
09:21 2-7-8 is 2 seconds in through you nose filling your diaphragm, hold for 7 seconds and breathe out the stress for 8 seconds. This has been proven to give a performance boost.
10:30 Journey breathing brings emotional release.
12:13 Animals use breath and a shake as a stress reduction tool.
13:38 Mike and Josh breathe warrior breaths, box breathing and breath retention.
21:18 Digestion starts with your parasympathetic tone. Six deep breaths in/out the nose has been scientifically shown to push you into the parasympathetic.
23:13 Try breath work before meditation.
33:28 Be intentional instead of mindless about what you are eating and drinking. Electronics have enslaved our limbic system with constant novelty.
38:10 Breath work with fasting can be more impactful and intense.

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