5 tips to take care of your pancreas | Natural Health

5 tips to take care of your pancreas | Natural Health

In addition to affecting our overall health, smoking increases the likelihood of developing pancreatic and lung cancer.

The pancreas is that organ that we hardly remember until an illness affects it. Thus, it is essential to know a little better this indescribable gland located behind the stomach and responsible for secreting a juice that allows us to digest our food. What if we told you how to take care of your pancreas?

Learn to pay attention to his liver.

1. Cruciferous plants! Wonderful!

Surprise? Of course not. We are convinced that you have read on many occasions the great benefits of broccoli to prevent many types of cancer.

You can because these studies report that eating broccoli , or Brussels sprouts, cauliflower etc, is incredibly beneficial in protecting our pancreas from a possible tumor.

To make sure you do not doubt, prepare for example 2 times a week a good dish of steamed broccoli. You need to know that in case of thyroid problems , it is not very suitable to consume cruciferous plants……For more watch video in detail.

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