5 juices to detoxify your kidneys | Natural Health

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5 juices to detoxify your kidneys | Natural Health

To properly cleanse the kidneys it is very important that we drink plenty of fluids to help them filter everything they do not need. The juices with depurative properties, also, provide us with vitamins and minerals

The kidneys are the organs responsible for filtering toxins and waste from the bloodstream . In this video we will see what we mean by detoxifying your kidneys and what benefits this practice has.

When we talk about detoxifying the kidneys, we refer to provide the micronutrients and minerals necessary for them to fulfill their function well . It is also important the amount of water we drink throughout the day.

The modern lifestyle has overloaded tasks to the kidneys, being one of the organs most affected by toxic substances that accumulate when they can not be expelled. Examples of this can be alcohol, tobacco, soft drinks …

While this body has the ability to filter waste from the blood 24 hours a day, when there is an overload it is impossible to work properly to eliminate everything.

This overload could cause damage to the kidneys , this being almost asymptomatic at first, but can be aggravated with very serious consequences such as kidney failure, kidney stones, infections, cysts and tumors.

Because of all this, it is important to learn how to detoxify your kidneys to keep your health and function under control . The best way to do it every day is to take a healthy diet and a healthy life.

A good way to detoxify your kidneys is with the use of natural juices, which by their properties help to cleanse the kidneys and eliminate toxic waste substances that can affect your health. Know them!

Beet juice:

Because of its high content of phytochemicals such as betaine , beet juice is ideal for regulating the acid pH of urine.

In addition, it contains antioxidants and nutrients that could stimulate the elimination of waste, such as struvite and calcium phosphate, which are the main cause of kidney stones.

a beet
1 carrot (optional)
a glass of water (200 ml)
Peel, cut and place the beet in the blender.
If you want, chop a carrot into pieces and add it.
Add the glass of water and beat as long as necessary so that everything is incorporated ……For more watch a video in detail.

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