2020 Daily Life Vlog with Anji + Ryan (feat a cute raccoon family, home cooked meals & nature walk)

I’ve been promising you guys this vlog for weeks! I’ve been having computer issues, so it’s been tough, but I was finally able to get it editing and uploaded. I would say this vid is a cross between a What I Eat In A Day, Day In The Life Vlog, and an Anji’s Animal Friends video. Lots of animals, some home-cooked vegan food, a lil Lovespirals music and nature. I really hope you enjoy it! OH — and just to give you an update, the Happy Healthy Vegan Cookbook is at the printers now so watch for it soon at shop.happyhealthyvegan.org!!!!

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* More of behind the scenes Ryan recording guitar. https://youtu.be/DN0llFDC6Go

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Featured this episode is “Why Not Today?” by Lovespirals
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