The Vital Biotin Hair Growth Vitamins – How They Work

Biotin hair growth vitamins are essential for anyone concerned with hair loss and those who wish to re grow hair. Biotin is the primary constituent in the natural hair growth process – it's essential to not only to grow new hair, but it's also a major factor in the lifelong health of skin and nails.

Biotin is an element found in vitamin B and is also present in certain foods such as liver and eggs. However, it would require a massive quantity of liver and eggs to offer the 5mg. of biotin necessary to promote healthy hair and nails. A biotin supplement can supply the body with the appropriate amount of biotin needed for hair growth and to avoid hair loss without the extra calorie intake you would receive from eating more liver and eggs.

Biotin aids in the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. It is a crucial part of several enzymes and plays a major role in energy metabolism. The biggest advantage of biotin however, is its capability to strengthen hair and nails.

Popular hair growth treatments such as Minoxidil and Propecia recommend taking biotin supplements in addition to the products in order to increase positive results.

Foods with biotin include green peas, oats, soybeans, walnuts, brown rice and sunflower seeds. Foods such as egg yolks also have high volumes, however studies have shown Biotin binds easily to proteins, making them undeliverable to the body, which in turn creates biotin deficiency and may lead to hair loss.

To prevent hair loss, the body needs its proper intake of biotin. Supplements often include biotin as well as other vitamins and herbs that help the hair growth process.

The Vital Biotin Hair Growth Vitamins – How They Work by Nicholas Bozek

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