Rogaine for Women Thinning Hair Treatment – How Women Can Save Money on Rogaine or Minoxidil

Are you tired of your thinning hair? Is your part getting wider and wider? Do you refuse to have photos taken without a hat because your hair loss is embarrassing you? Rogaine for women can help – but it's expensive. Here are a few tricks on how you may be able to make your hair grow thicker again and save on the proven thinning hair treatment.

The thinning hair treatment for women with the biggest name and the widest name recognition is Rogaine for women, which is now also sold under the generic name Minoxidil. Originally released just for men, it has long since been approved for women as well.

Why Rogaine For Women Is Often More Expensive

The problem? No matter which version you choose, you have to keep using it if you want to keep your newly regrown hair from falling out again! And that can add up when it comes to price.

Women in particular may feel frustrated when they go to their local supermarket or drugstore. Often, they discover specials for the male version while there are not any equivalent bargains for Rogaine for women.

Recently, for example, I saw a 3-month supply of the generic Minoxidil for men on sale for only $ 19.95, while that was also the price for a 1-month supply of Minoxidil for women, with Rogaine for women being even more expensive.

How To Save On Rogaine Or Minoxidil ( And How Not To)

Inequitable pricing like that could sorely tempt you into buying the male version. This was okay back when both versions contained the same 2% of the active ingredient.

Now, however, Rogaine for men contains 5% of Minoxidil. Cool, you may think. More bang for the buck.

Well, maybe not. With a little online research, you'll find that women using the male version could suffer side effects they had not bargained for, including excess facial hair.

But there is a way that you could use the male version without courting undue trouble and save a whole lot of money too. All you need to do is dilute it.

The inactive ingredients are mostly alcohol, along with a very small percentage of distilled water. So you could mix up a concoction with the right percentage of the active ingredient by simply increasing the alcohol level.

Step-By-Step Instructions to Big Savings

Get an empty dropper bottle, add two parts of the original stuff and 3 parts alcohol, and the result should be very close to the real thing – Rogaine for women. That way, you'll be able to buy the men's bargain versions and save right off the bat.

And then, you'll even get more than twice the use from it. How cool is that! This means you get two-and-a-half months of thinning hair treatment from each bottle, without paying the high price tag of Rogaine for women!

Rogaine for Women Thinning Hair Treatment – How Women Can Save Money on Rogaine or Minoxidil by Elisabeth Kuhn

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