LeBron James & Male Pattern Baldness


LeBron James has been in the news for more than just basketball. He is losing his hair due to male pattern baldness. No treatments cure the condition, but they do slow the loss of hair. Rogaine is one option, but only in 2012 has research begun to find a cure.

This beckons the question; do we really need to worry about our hair? Ladies are your men less desirable when bald? Some women prefer baldness. Are we really in need of putting more chemicals into our bodies just for a thick head of hair?

Women can also suffer from MPB, maybe the cause is a combination of our chemical laden cosmetics and food industry. Research into the cause seems like a much better course of action, don’t you think?

Stating the name of a hormone and saying “x” is why we lose hair is really not as useful as saying reasons a,b, & c are why “x” is being produced by the body. Causes can be removed, instead of leaving them there and coming up with another medical treatment which may cause another problem or contribute to an existing one. Let’s find the reason, not a cure.

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Source: LeBron James & Male Pattern Baldness

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