All Natural Coconut Shampoo For Thinning/ Balding Hair

This is a wonderful smelling creamy All natural Coconut Shampoo focused to help stop Thinning Hair! I have used this on myself and others and have seen improvements with hair growth in thinning areas within 1- 2 months.
Castile soap- 4-5 tsp, 1 Green tea bag, Coconut milk 3 tsp, Olive oil- 3 tsp, Emu oil 1 tsp,
Lavendar oil 1 tsp, Castor oil1 tsp, Virgin Coconut oil 2-5 tsp.

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Disclaimer: This shampoo is intended for use of myself, for my purposes only. The contents of this video is in no way to suggest using the shampoo to advoid medical advice or treatment for thinning or balding hair problems. Disclaimer: This is an all natural hair treatment that I use, and if replicated, it is upon the users discretion and risk.

Source: All Natural Coconut Shampoo For Thinning/ Balding Hair

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