Rogaine for Men Hair Regrowth Treatment Review 2015 + Discount link

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My case:
I was never a guy that had “a lot of hair” like some people do. My hair has been always straight and very fine. I noticed it started thinning on the crown area and on top of my head when I was in my early twenties. I am now 31 and since I was about 28 some people, specially in my family, started telling me that it was getting more and more noticeable. I started looking at it more using a mirror in my bathroom and could definitely see a very noticeable bald spot that was rapidly getting worse. The front of my hairline has held nicely though.
A few months ago I decided to search for hair transplant clinics and finally went to one. They were very honest, straightforward and asked me if I was using anything right now to fight the baldness. I was surprised about how open they were about my situation and that they did not charge me a single penny for the consultation (that’s a different review 🙂 They mentioned that Rogaine can work so I decided to try it after that recommendation and learning how expensive the hair transplant was going to be…
I have been using it for 14 weeks now… Using it twice a day most days. I have missed a few days but try to follow the instructions. I am keeping track of the progress by taking a series of pictures on the balding area every saturday morning after I take a shower and the hair dries. I always try to use the same angles and apply the camera flash to have the same perspective. I can tell you that it is definetely working and I started noticing progress after 9 or 10 weeks. The bald spot is still there but I can see how the hair is growing back. As long as you make it part of your daily routine, use it twice a day, and keep track of your progress I would definetely recommend to at least give this a try. I am not sure if my hair will grow back entirely but it is definetely looking better so I am just going to keep using it!

I am complementing this by using a Biotin Shampoo by Nexus every day and occasionally taking a Biotin supplement. I was never entirely bald in my thinning spot in the crown area and on top.

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