Men’s Rogaine Liquid Solution

I am 32 and have been using Rogaine for 8 months. I use 1 month supply on my head every week. Yes you read this correctly. I was thinning on my sides and through the whole top. My whole head filled in after about 3 months. My girlfriend can’t believe it. My hair is thicker than 10 years ago. I buy my rogaine 12 cans at a time and use a can every 6-7 days. It was the best thing I ever did and I love my hair now. I could go on all day about the advantages in my life now but won’t. You are going to hear some very bad reviews about rogaine from some people. It doesn’t work for some people, and they get really frustrated. I can testify that Rogaine works for your whole head!! I don’t care what the research says. You could see my whole scalp 8 months ago, now my hair is super thick. Thank you Rogaine for allowing me to beat genetics!!

rogaine for men

Source: Men’s Rogaine Liquid Solution

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