Avodart Side Effects & Avodart vs Propecia for Hair Loss

Avodart side effects have shown that the drug is tolerated well by men. Being contra-indicated for women, a known avodart side effect is the risk to a pregnant woman’s male foetus, even when absorbed through the skin.

This side effect of Avodart also prohibits men from donating blood for a period of six months after treatment, because of the risk of a pregnant woman receiving blood contaminated with Avodart.

Avodart Side Effects in Clinical Tests

Side effects of Avodart have been shown in clinical studies to be mild and temporary, decreasing over time whilst on treatment. In the first six months of treatment, avodart side effects experienced by test subjects were:

  • Impotence and decreased libido in 3-5% of test subjects.
  • Enlarged and tender breasts.
  • Ejaculation problems in 1.4% of subjects.

Men suffering from diseases of the liver would need to consult carefully with their doctor before embarking upon treatment. Some men even find that they are allergic to Avodart or its constituents.

Avodart vs Propecia

Avodart dutasteride is a relatively recent FDA approved treatment for BHP benign prostatic hyperplasia. It may also be FDA approved for hair loss treatment.

Dutasteride acts as a dihydrotestosterone DHT inhibitor, chemically similar to finasteride Propecia, but which inhibits both types I and II of 5-alpha reductase (finasteride Propecia only inhibits one type).

Avodart dutasteride has been shown to decrease levels of the hair loss causing hormone, dihydrotestosterone DHT by 90% after only two weeks, making it a potentially more powerful and faster acting treatment for hair loss than Propecia finasteride.

During clinical trials, after a six month treatment regime hair counts in a 1 inch diameter circle increased by an average 96 hairs with 0.5mg Avodart hair loss treatment daily, compared to an average 72 hairs with 5mg daily finasteride Propecia treatment.

This puts Avodart dutasteride 30% more effective than finasteride Propecia as a hair loss treatment.

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