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Deciding what workout supplements to take is only half the battle. Knowing when and with what to take your supplements with can be just as important. In this video, I’m going to show you the best time to take your supplements as well as what you should ideally be mixing your bodybuilding supplements with if you want to see the best results from them.

For the most part, whether you are taking a preworkout supplement, postworkout supplement or a nighttime recovery workout supplement, you’re going to be mixing them with one of three things. You will either use water, fruit juice, or milk (nonfat or whole milk). Knowing when and with what to mix each one of these however is important if you want to get the best results from the supplements you’re taking.

For instance, immediately following your workout you will most likely take some sort of postworkout or meal replacement powder or shake. Often times, you might try and mix your post-workout supplement with juice or some other fast acting carbohydrate, having been told that you need to load up on the carbs after your workout. I’ll show you in this video why this may be the wrong move, especially if you’re a guy that needs to lose weight or burn some additional body fat.

Likewise, if you are a hardgainer and you need your supplements to build muscle, then not only are you going to want to be sure to take an overnight muscle recovery supplement but you will also want to be sure that you use a specific kind of milk when you mix it.

For more tips on what you should be mixing your workout supplements with and when you should be taking them, be sure to watch the entire video and then head over to to see how the right protein powder can become more than just a protein supplement when you put sports nutrition and science together. It’s time to see what ATHLEAN-Rx can do for you.

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Source: Workout Supplement CHEAT SHEET! – WHEN and HOW to Take Your Supplements

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