Want A Strong, Sexy Body? Start By Building Big, Muscular Arms

Nothing symbolizes a man’s physical strength more than big, muscular arms. Indeed the word “arm” is typically used to describe power in terms like “nuclear arms” and “armed to the teeth.” No other body part has such widespread association with possessing or acquiring physical power. Moreover, other than your face and hands, your “GUNS” are your most visible body part – and no physical feature commands respect or turns heads like a pair of big, muscular arms.

Boost Your “Flex Appeal”

There is no question that many women find muscles sexy. Oh, I know, women often say they want to meet sensitive, intelligent guys, and these qualities remain important to building a lasting relationship. But “sensitivity” and” intelligence” are not what a woman sees when you walk into a room. She’ll notice instead your physical form, how you move and present yourself to others. If you have a soft or flabby physique, you’re not likely to hold her eye for more than a nanosecond. She’ll know instantly that you don’t take care of your body, and she’ll assume you can’t satisfy hers. Instead of turning her glance into a gaze, a poorly conditioned body will have her checking out other men before you can say, “I’m planning to join a gym!”

But if your body projects an image of strength and fitness, your physical presence will command admiration, respect – and desire. You’ll look and feel better in your clothes, and women will begin to wonder how you’d look without your shirt! You’ll radiate an image of virility, power and confidence that many women find irresistible – and no body part creates this image like a pair of big, muscular arms.

Just imagine how great you’d look and feel in a new tank top, muscle tee or polo shirt with sexy, powerful arms at your sides. I can’t even count the number of times that I’ve practically stopped traffic by simply walking down the street in a tee shirt. I relate this experience not as an ego trip but as a statement of fact and an example of what superior arm development can do for you. And if you don’t believe me, mark my words, when your arms begin to burst from your sleeves with lean, rippling muscle, women will definitely notice you!

Increase Your Upper Body Strength

In addition to providing an impressive physical appearance, muscular arms give you a practical benefit – increased upper body strength. Virtually every move that you make involves your arms. Even walking requires a pendulum arm-swing to propel your body forward. More important, however, is the impact that powerful arms can have on your overall weight training program. Each chest, back and shoulder exercise requires secondary assistance from your arms. Without arm strength sufficient to maximize this function you will not be able to lift weights heavy enough to fully develop these muscle groups.

But as you strengthen your triceps you will increase your power in the bench press for greater chest development. With stronger biceps and forearms you will lift heavier weight in the rowing and pull-down exercises essential to building a wide, powerful back. As with your chest, stronger triceps will enhance your shoulder workouts – increasing your power in the military press to produce dynamite deltoid development. The bottom line is that increased power and development in your biceps, triceps and forearms will provide the strength you need to build up your entire upper body.

See Faster Results

Unlike armchair bodybuilding “gurus” and other deceptive fitness marketers, I won’t insult your intelligence by promising you that my training advice will “pack inches of muscle onto your arms” in only 2 days or some other absurdly short time period. But I will tell you that you’ll see positive results from your arm training workouts sooner than you’ll see gains from training other body parts.

How do I know this? Well, one thing I’ve noticed over my 20-plus years of bodybuilding experience is that arms tend to show visual improvement from weight training faster than other body parts. While larger muscle groups like your chest, back and quadriceps can seem to take forever to show improvement, your arms will usually show some progress with only a few weeks of consistent and proper training.

Additionally, when it comes to staying motivated, the visual progress that you’ll seen in your arms will boost your confidence and increase the likelihood that you’ll stick with both your arm training and overall bodybuilding program. Indeed nothing will do more to keep you in the gym than seeing your body – and its female admirers – respond quickly and favorably to your weight training efforts. And building a pair of big, muscular arms is the best way to do that!

Want A Strong, Sexy Body? Start By Building Big, Muscular Arms by Mark G. Winston

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