The Story of a 78-Year-Old Vegan Bodybuilder – Jim Morris: Lifelong Fitness – Short Film

A short documentary film by director Ryan Vance (veganfilmmaker).
As a professional bodybuilder for 30 years, Jim won many major titles including Mr. America, Mr. USA, and Mr. International. In 1996, Jim won the Mr. Olympia masters at age 61 as a vegetarian. In 2000, Jim became a vegan for health and ethical reasons. He continues to train regularly and works as a personal trainer in Venice, California. The film explores Jim’s amazing story and his fascinating thoughts on life, aging, and personal fulfillment.

2014 Slamdance Film Festival official selection
2014 Columbus International Film Festival (honorable mention)
2014 Utopia Film Festival
2014 Missouri Film Festival
2014 Awareness Film Festival
2014 Action on Film Festival
2014 Mostra Animal Film Festival
2015 Animal Film Festival

The film was shot mostly on a Panasonic GH2 with 14-140mm lens, Voitlander 25mm lens, and 12-35mm lens.

Opcionales subtitulos en Español (Spanish subtitles)
Deutsche untertitel erhältlich (German subtitles)
Legendas em português do Brasil (Brazilian Portuguese subtitles)

Here is the PETA campaign with Jim:

Vegan Bodybuilder Proves You Can Be Buff at 78

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