Stretching To Enhance Your Calisthenics Barstarzz

Kat from StretchItApp takes us through some stretches to help your flexibility in your hamstrings and shoulder which will translate to better handstands, L sits, press, pull ups.

Hamstring Stretches

Warm Up on Back

8x reps: on your back, with hands on the hamstrings and knees into the chest, alternate straightening one leg and then the other with the foot flexed.

4x reps each leg: straighten one leg along the ground, crunch up and hold the calf of the alternate leg, kick that leg away from the body while resisting with the hands for 4x counts, and then relax by pulling the leg closer to the body for 4x counts.

Stretch and Swing: 4x reps each leg

One hand on the wall or on a support.

One leg steps back and bends the knee; fold up and over the other leg, straightening it for a hamstring stretch.

Then, step forward, straightening the back leg and swinging it forward to compress toward the body.

Step back again and go into the hamstring stretch. Repeat 4x on each leg.

Lunge to hamstring stretch: 4x reps each leg with a 15-30 second hold on the last one

Lunge forward with one leg, lower the hips toward the ground; the hands can be on the ground framing the front foot.

Pull the hips back, straighten the front leg, tuck the chin, and flex the foot.

Repeat moving between the lunge and the straight legs position for 4x reps.

On the last rep, pull the hips back and hold the hamstring stretch for 30 seconds.

Shoulder Stretches

Arm Circles: 3x circles forward and backward, 2x sets

Keeping your core engaged, try to isolate the movement in the shoulders.

Lead with the thumbs backward.

Active Shoulder Stretch with Hands Interlaced: 3x reps

Interlace the fingers with the pointer fingers together and straight.

Bend the elbows behind the head and pulse the elbows back; shoulder blades will squeeze together.

Then, try to straighten the arms; with the arms straight, pulse back 3x.

Repeat this sequence 3x.

Tip: Keep your abs engaged to avoid arching in the low back.

Dynamic Chest Opener—Criss-Cross Arms: 12x reps

With the palms facing up and thumbs leading back, cross the arms and then swing the arms back to open the front of the chest.

4x straight, and then 4x on each diagonal, alternating which hand is on top.

Single Arm Lat Stretch: 1x each side w/ a 15-30 second hold

Straighten one arm and slide it along a wall or other support. Pinky finger side down, thumb up.

Twist the chest away from the arm, stretching through the lat. Hold for 15-30 seconds.

Puppy pose stretch with prayer hands: 1x w/ a 15-30 second hold

With elbows shoulder-width apart, set the elbows up on a bar or the wall with the hands together in a prayer pose.

Drop the chest through the arms, stretching through the triceps. Hold for 15-30 seconds.

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