Milos Sarcev: The Difference Between Correct And Incorrect Steroid Use In Bodybuilding

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Milos Sarcev dives deep on the realities of steroids in bodybuilding.

In the mainstream media, one of the most controversial topics about bodybuilding is the use of steroids by athletes. Quite honestly, it’s a controversial topic covered in nearly any professional sport. While you might see headlines claiming a bodybuilder had died young due to steroid use – other experts in the industry claim there’s no way to prove it was from steroids specifically. Most experts, coaches, and gurus in the bodybuilding industry claim that the issue isn’t the drug itself but the drug being used incorrectly. Like most other drugs, it can be abused to unhealthy effects. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Milos Sarcev details the difference between correct and incorrect steroid use in bodybuilding.

Milos Sarcev went from being an incredible bodybuilder into a coach that is recognized by many. To some he is considered one of the best bodybuilding coaches of the modern era. With that kind of reputation, we wanted to take the opportunity during our interview with Milos to discuss the controversy surrounding steroids and bodybuilding. While the use of steroids in bodybuilding has always been controversial – it’s publicized more than ever due to the fast spread of information on the internet and social media.

There are those out there who stand with the current laws and regulations – believing that steroids is dangerous but a risk that many athletes are willing to make. But there are others who do not believe steroids to be dangerous at all – if used properly. Tony Huge, for example, has been the highlight of two documentary films chronicling his attempts to prove that steroids are no more or less harmful than many other drugs currently unregulated and available in the United States.

Milos Sarcev is another man who believes that steroids are only dangerous if abused and used incorrectly. Which is why we wanted to directly ask him to explain the difference between correct steroids usage and incorrect usage. To answer, Milos recounts the full evolution of steroid usage throughout bodybuilding history – and how we’ve gotten to our current situation with many young athletes simply taking too much.

Milos Sarcev is very clear that steroids are a powerful drug and should not be used lightly. That’s why it’s important for athletes who chose to partake in PEDs to do the research, speak to doctors, get bloodwork, and treat it like you are using any prescription drug.

You can see Milo Sarcev’s full deep dive into steroid usage in bodybuilding by watching our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

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