Enhanced – Official Green Band Trailer (HD) | Tony Huge Bodybuilding Documentary

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Who is Tony Huge? Meathead? Monster? Or a mastermind?

How far are you willing to go to enhance your body and your life? Would you be willing to use drugs to optimize your muscle, your brain, your organs? Would you be willing to use these drugs if they were illegal?

Testing a diverse cocktail of illegal performance enhancing drugs throughout his life – bodybuilder an entrepreneur Tony Hughes, also known as Dr. Tony Huge, aims to prove that steroids are the next logical step to further human evolution.

Chronicling a civil and criminal case against his controversial supplement company Enhanced Athlete, Enhanced is a feature documentary that explores the immense psychological depths of a man who believes that the government has a conspiracy against him and other like-minded individuals. Individuals who are fighting to prove that steroids are not only healthy, but essential if used correctly, and should be legal in the United States to improve our quality of life.

Is Tony Huge a revolutionary? Or simply a man spreading dangerous misinformation? Watch the official trailer for Enhanced above!

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