Bodyweight Exercises Will Get You In Shape Fast!

We were taught that bodyweight exercises only build some muscular

endurance and that is completely wrong, bodyweight exercises will

get you in great physical shape without going to a gym.

Bodyweight exercises if done the correct way will build a lot of lean

athletic muscle, muscle that is vital for sports and everyday activity.

If you are thinking bodyweight exercises are just pushups, situps

pullups you are mistaken there are so many types of bodyweight

exercises that would blow your mind.

Bodyweight exercises can be done so many different ways, you can

do them slow, you can do them explosive or you can do them fast building

speed and strength that weights can’t build.

The military builds men though running and bodyweight exercises, they don’t

send them to the gym to stand in front of a mirror and do curls they need these

men and women as physically fit as possible, they need to defend our country.

The military trains their men and women with bodyweight exercises because it’s

effective, in the field they need to be strong and fast they need to jump, sprint, climb,

crawl,be flexible and they need to be strong mentally, and bodyweight exercises will

get you to this point.

Bodyweight exercises will build a different type of strength a strength that is vital to

anything you want to do, it doesn’t matter if you are playing sports or helping a buddy

move you will always be ready.

Bodyweight exercises will build muscle and burn fat at a rapid pace because of the

amount of muscles used when you use your bodyweight as resistance.

Bodyweight Exercises Will Get You In Shape Fast! by Johnny Grube

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