Bodybuilding Supplements That Work: Whey Protein Powder? Creatine? Greens?

Supplements that work for building muscle… and supplements that don’t work.

@2:51 – Hi Vince Delmonte. I’ve been working out for a year, but I recently incorporated good nutrition. I am 16 years old and just recently bought whey protein as a supplement. Do you recommend I also use the supplement creatine? I am looking to gain muscle mass. Is creatine safe? Does this muscle building supplement work? Are these top muscle building supplements?

@4:10 – Hi Vince Del Monte. Is a greens powder supplement really worth the month? I find them to be expensive and I’m not sure how much benefit you actually get from it when it comes to muscle mass. Or should I just try harder to eat more whole food veggies? Thanks

@5:46 – Hi Vince Delmonte. What are you thought on the supplement Kre-Alkalyn? I believe it is creatine monohydrate with an alkaline base. I guess it is buffered creatine designed for those who are poor responders of regular creatine. Are these bodybuilding supplements that work? Are these top bodybuilding supplements?

@7:16 – Hey Vince Del Monte. When everything else is 100% with food, sleep, training, etc. how much to supplements influence gaining muscle mass? I want to pack on muscle mass 100% supplement free.

@8:41 – Hey Vince Delmonte. Can’t catch two rabbits at once. I am completed my weight loss phase and now I’m focused on my muscle phase. So my question is, is it necessary to drink my protein shake supplement on the days I don’t workout?

@9:57 – Hey Vince Delmonte. I have been using dextrose, protein, creatine as my pre and post workout shakes. What would be optimal timing to use these supplements for maximum energy and maximum muscle mass benefits? Also what could be used as a substitute for dextrose “a sugar source that helps energy and recovery”? Thank you.

If you are interested in muscle building workout programs and exercise description, stay tuned for future episodes.

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Source: Bodybuilding Supplements That Work: Whey Protein Powder? Creatine? Greens?

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