The Best Lean Proteins To Eat For A Ripped Body

Get abs eating tasty food.

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It’s Mike Chang and today I want to discuss how to buy lean proteins to get ripped. These are gonna be some killer tips for getting or maintaining a ripped body. And if you aren’t there yet, these tips will bring you one step closer to having the body you’ve always wanted.

Video breakdown:

1:17 Alright, let’s look at lean meats and talk about which ones are good for you and which ones are bad for you. A lot of people think it’s just about the meat, but it is also about the cut of the meat.

1:40 Let’s talk about breasts. So with chicken breasts there are a few different types, but as you probably already know, regular chicken breasts are the easiest to find. But there are also chicken breast tenders and split breasts.

2:05 #1 Tenderloins and chicken breasts are always about the same price, but when you get split breasts they will be cheaper because they come with the skin on them (you can just peal it off).
#2 Split breasts also have bone in them so you have to take the time to take that out as well.

*If you spend the time doing these two things, you will save a ton on money, because split breasts are only a dollar a pound

3:11 It is important to save money and get the most amount of protein for the least amount of cost. It is all about the price you pay per pound.

5:06 So honestly it is better to buy in bulk when it comes to chicken breasts, because you are going to get the most bang for your buck.

5:41 Then you have your pre-seasoned meats that are tasty and you literally don’t have to do anything to. The only bad thing with pre-seasoned meat is that is that it sometimes is going to have a ton of sodium that causes bloating and it is not good for your body in large doses.


7:05 There are a lot of different cuts when it comes to beef. But generally speaking, the more red it is and the less white it contains, the more lean the cut of meat.


8:45 You want to watch out for pork, because a lot of the cuts are going to have a ton of fat. And even though you use the same rule of thumb as with beef, sometimes the butcher hides the fatty part to make the meat look better.

9:00 But something like pork center cut pork chops are going to be pretty lean.


10:05 Ground beef is the easiest meat to tell if it is fattening or not. They usually tell you the exact percentage of fat.

11:26 The basic rule of thumb with ground beef is, the less fat the better. The protein content doesn’t go down with fat percentage, so you can be healthy and get all the benefits with low fat in your beef.

12:20 And you are going to have to pay a little more for grass fed meat and bison, because they are natural. It is as simple as that.


13:12 The truth is… 90 percent of the sea food you eat is going to be low in fat. And even if they do, fish fat is good for you!!!


13:36 Eggs are a great protein source and they contain good fats in the whole egg. It is okay to eat the whole thing.

14:15 Cottage cheese can be a good source of protein, but you need to watch out because they can be higher in fat.

In conclusion, I want you to remember that eating less calories than your burn is the only way to get lean!

I hope this video serves you well.

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