Testosterone Booster Side Effects

Testosterone Boosters as an industry is quite literally booming. More and more supplements are popping up on store shelves and on the pages of websites every day. It’s important to know the Testosterone Booster side effects before you start popping the pills.

Why take testosterone boosters? Men, especially aging men, will experience a decline in the production of testosterone, generally beginning in their thirties. The symptoms of Low T can range from fatigue, lack of energy, lack of focus, diminished libido, erection problems, decrease in muscle mass, excess fat –especially belly fat, diminished bone density and more.

There are two ways men can increase their testosterone levels. The first way is to consult a doctor and engage in Hormone Replacement Therapy. This is generally done through injections, patches or gels. The problem with HRT is that there are a lot of bad testosterone side effects from getting the hormone externally and it costs a lot of money.

The second way, and the much-preferred way, is to increase testosterone internally by taking testosterone boosting supplements. These are supplements that contain natural plant-based ingredients that stimulate the production of testosterone internally.

Like anything else, some boosters are excellent, while others are inferior. It’s important to choose the right natural testosterone booster. You want to look for all natural ingredients and in high enough potencies where it’s going to have an impact in increasing testosterone levels.

Though natural testo boosters do have side effects, they are generally minimal. They are nowhere near as bad as the side effects that have been linked to external testosterone treatments such as Hormone Replacement Therapy, that include injections, patches and gels.

HRT is literally injecting or absorbing an external testosterone source into the bloodstream and has been linked to some particularly nasty side effects… such as death.

Natural testosterone booster supplements are simply using biological, by and large plant-based ingredients to stimulate the production of testosterone internally. This is by far the best and healthiest way to combat Low T.

So what are the testosterone booster side effects?

• Elevated red blood cells could happen if you are taking testo boosters for long periods of time
• PSA levels linked to the prostate could become elevated which could increase risk of prostate cancer
• Kidney damage could potentially occur if boosters are used for long periods of time
• Some people abuse boosters, like anything else, and they grow muscle too quickly which can strain the supporting ligaments and joints
• Because of increased energy levels that come with more testosterone, some men reported trouble sleeping. However, this is not from stimulants
• Some men report acne breakouts, particularly on the back
• Some men have reported difficulty urinating
• Some men have reported aggressive behavior when taking boosters
• Mood swings have been reported from taking booster
• Men have complained of getting anxiety as well

Everyone should be in charge of their own bodies and it’s important to pay attention to the way you feel and identify any symptoms when you begin to take testosterone booster supplements.

If you experience symptoms that are alarming to you, discontinue using the booster immediately and consult your medical professional immediately.

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