Road Warrior: Meals On The Go with Frank “Wrath” McGrath

You’ve seen our food related videos like “Big on a Budget” and “Huge on a Hundred” where athletes go shopping for a week’s worth of food and then prep that food. Welcome to “Road Warrior” where we focus in on maximizing meals when you’re on the road. In this installment, Animal athlete and IFBB Pro, Frank “Wrath” McGrath presents his strategy for food prep while traveling. Hitting a local market and returning to his hotel room to cook and prepare meals using only tupperware and a microwave, Wrath shows that there’s no valid excuse to deviate from your bodybuilding goals when you are traveling for work or pleasure. So think of “Road Warrior” as a companion piece to “Barebones Bodybuilding” in that traveling should never be an excuse to take a day off.

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