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Shortcut to Shred will help you burn fat, build muscle, and gain strength. Learn how to train for all three goals. Get the science behind the shred.

Smart nutrition and intense training are the most crucial parts of Shortcut to Shred. Supplements are important for great results, but they’ll never replace diet and exercise. My science-backed supplement plan will help you shed fat and maximize your results, but supplements won’t do the work for you. If you put in the effort, supplements will enhance the shred.

The Shortcut to Shred supplement schedule is practiced and precise. Everything I do is researched, tested in the lab, and tried on my own physique. My body is a product of my brain. If you want the best results from this program, you need to follow this regimen. Every capsule, every shake, and every dose is intended to help you achieve your best physique.

Before we dive into when you should take each supplement, I’ll explain why you should take each supplement. I’ve chosen synergistic ingredients that work in concert to help you burn fat, build muscle, and develop strength.

I’ve broken everything into single ingredients so you can get the right doses at great prices. It might seem like more money up front, but buying single ingredients typically stocks your supp cabinet for a longer period of time.

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Source: Jim Stoppani’s Six-Week Shortcut To Shred Workout – Supplement Overview – Bodybuilding.com

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